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If someone knocks on your door when you’re not home, you can miss important visits and deliveries, or worse, put your home at risk for burglary. With a Skybell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, you can see who comes to your door, whether you’re in the home or not. The accompanying mobile app notifies you when your doorbell rings, and allows you to see a real-time video of who is at your door and speak to them. This is also a great option for elderly or ill family members with limited mobility who would be unable to answer the door quickly.

Skybell features include:

  • HD Video Quality: see who’s at your door at up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom, even at nighttime with full color night vision
  • Motion Sensor: Receive an alert if someone is at your door, whether they ring the doorbell or not
  • Live Monitoring: view your front door live at any time using the mobile app
  • Video Recording: each video is recorded for you to watch and/or download at any time, as well as snap a photo of your visitor with a simple click
  • Two-Way Communication: You can have a conversation with your visitor, wherever you are
  • Weather-Proof Technology: Skybell operates in temperatures between -40°F and 140°F
  • Activity History: review the activity at your front door while you were out, including missed visitors and motion alerts
  • Theft Guarantee: If your Skybell unit is stolen, it will be replaced at no cost to you

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